Playing cards with melancholy

Hi, I'm Meg (or Marc on more masculine days) - a small gender fluid person with anxiety, who loves music, art, games, films, anime and many, many other things. English is not my native language but I'm working hard to improve it. I draw, sing and write short stories and fanfiction. Or at least I try to. I'm a silent type, an observer and a chronic melancholic with chronic headaches. You can call me whatever you want. "She", "he", "they" - I don't care.

I'm most certainly panromantic. As for my sexuality... Uh. We do not know.

I tag my text posts as "megtalks"/"marctalks" and my art things as "my art stuff" if anyone's interested.

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when i was 4 i stepped on a wet carrot 


what the actual fuck is wrong with this website

this site is trash 

The Lost One's Weeping


Collab with Hiyo! I drew the lines, and she colored it!


13 Days of K

Last Day Favourite King?

“My name is Adolph K. Weissman. The First, as well as the Silver King”

The First King is my favourite :P

If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me?

Please reblog if you wouldn’t act differently around a friend if they came out as bisexual, gay or lesbian.


Kagepro Drawing Challenge - Day 10: Draw a character of your choice placed in another character’s situation

actual ipod kido enhancing shintaro’s music experience bc she became a program


if you kiss my neck and bite my lip your pants are coming off.