Playing cards with melancholy

Hi, I'm Meg (or Marc on more masculine days) - a small gender fluid person with anxiety, who loves music, art, games, films, anime and many, many other things. English is not my native language but I'm working hard to improve it. I draw, sing and write short stories and fanfiction. Or at least I try to. I'm a silent type, an observer and a chronic melancholic with chronic headaches. You can call me whatever you want. "She", "he", "they" - I don't care.

I'm most certainly panromantic. As for my sexuality... Uh. We do not know.

I tag my text posts as "megtalks"/"marctalks" and my art things as "my art stuff" if anyone's interested.

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No 6… Why? Why does it have such a bad anime adaptation…? The novel is great - reading it is a wonderful experience. It deserves so much appreciation. But the anime? It’s just so bad. They made Nezumi a flat, hateful character. They made Shion too wimpy and not boyish at all. I’m angry. It’s really saddening. It doesn’t seem like No.6 at all. Were there always just bad things in the books? Wasn’t there anything good? Anything heart-warming? I’m really disappointed. And very sleepy too. Am I making grammar and spelling mistakes yet? I should probably go to sleep and stop complaining… Uh. Ok, I’m out of here.

Omg, I’m so happy there are people who like that davejohn picture. Thank you very much, sweeties! \(*T▽T*)/

What if Dave had a secret crush on John? What if John found out and wasn’t a douchebag about it?

Ok, I did it. I did my first PepsiCola. It’s not fresh out the oven (as I was reluctant to post it) but here it is. Kekekeke… *Marc rolls out*

i’m gonna do it. i’m gonna post johndave today. no one can stop me. mueheheheh…..


My decision to watch all 16 minutes of this was a good one.



OKAY so I finally found the “before” shot of O.D.’s notebook so I can make this post because. Because look.



Look at the difference Hajime makes ;.;


Three! | harrup


how do people major in mathematics dont you love yourself